In a very dynamic and tough markets; reliable, fast, validated and immediate action-reaction, source of information and field implementation-executions becomes a strong  business pillars for any marketing specialist.

In Rangers we believes that we are our clients EYES where they can see whats going on the sales floor level, how their products displayed, where they can develop, and what other competitors are doing.


In Rangers we believe that we are our clients EARS where we observe market intelligence, find whats going on in terms of competitors promotions, actions, events, and new product launch; Listening to the voice of promoters, voice of sales people and voice of customers to connect all these market players with our clients.


In Rangers we believe that we are our clients HANDS, we develop the shelf stands, we change our clients product displays into Golden Zones and we identify and act-react immediately whenever there is branding opportunity.

We are there for our clients all the time as the Brand Ambassadors